Frequently Asked Questions

Do I pay extra for your services?
When we book you through various travel services and excursions, you don’t pay anything extra to us or to the vendor. In fact, often we have access to special pricing and packages that actually mean you pay less and even benefit from additional services that you wouldn’t have if you booked on your own.
Do you charge any kind of additional fees?
When we are asked to prepare a comprehensive travel itinerary, we sometimes charge a small fee to cover our time and ensure we can continue to provide an excellent service.
If my plans change, are refunds available?

Cancellation fees vary by supplier, which we share with you at time of booking. For any unforeseen circumstances due to medical, delays or cancellations, we do recommend travel insurance and, if needed, a cancel-for-any-reason add-on.

Can I use my frequent-flyer points?

Yes! If you would like me to manage this, I charge a small fee. If you prefer to handle your own airline reservations, just let me know and we can remove airline costs from the supplier itinerary.

Do you offer an app I can use to manage my trip?

I certainly do, and my clients love it. The app is called Axus and you will be sent a link to download onto your phone. Axus will display your whole itinerary, including confirmation numbers, addresses, local information, and more. It even keeps you updated on your flight status and gate changes. The app also offers a way to chat directly with me. It is quite a bit easier than carrying around a lot of papers, and the flight updates alone are more than worth it.

Can you help coordinate special requests or behind-the-scenes tours?

We pride ourselves on the ability to bring you special access, or out-of-the-box opportunities, for your itinerary. We are always meeting new suppliers and contacts in the industry through webinars, conferences or our connection with Signature Travel Network. We love to make your trip as unique and special as you desire.

Which destinations are the safest?

This changes frequently and each person has a different comfort level and definition of what they consider to be a safe location. I like to tell my clients to check out for the latest information on this topic.

Some of us are active, and others not so much. Can you help us?

Yes! Our itineraries are individually personalized for each of our clients so a difference in activity level is certainly easy to accommodate. We create curated experiences for each person so that you get the vacation you deserve and desire.

Do you have additional questions?