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Alex Carrier

Travel Advisor

My excitement and passion for life-changing travel experiences, combined with my knowledge of the travel industry, translate into unforgettable travel excursions for my clients.

How did I get into travel?

My passion for travel leads to amazing experiences for my clients.

Some of my personal travel experiences!

My time in D.C. and Florida

I grew up just outside Washington D.C. in Reston, Virg. After finishing school, I moved to Destin, Fla., where I got married and raised my daughter. After living there for 20 years, we decided there was only so much a beach life could offer and moved to Austin about two years ago. My daughter just started at Lake Travis High School and is playing softball, we couldn’t be happier with the area and are thrilled we finally made the change.

My love of travel brought me back to this specialty

I was a travel agent many years ago but once the internet took over, I drifted away into another career. Moving here and realizing that the need for travel agents is on the rise again I quickly and excitedly jumped back in with both feet! My experience with traveling, business, and the love of helping people makes this the perfect career for me. I never lost the love for the job, especially seeing my clients return from a well-spent vacation with pictures filled with smiles.

How does a travel agent improve my experience?

People are often surprised that travel agents still exist, and there are still many misconceptions. The main question I get is “Why can’t we just book online ourselves?” You can, but not only does a savvy travel agent know how to connect you with amazing experiences, but we also often can do it without additional costs. And, if you ever have tried to research travel online, you know how much stress, anxiety and confusion it can create. My job is to ask questions and help you figure out what might be the perfect fit for your family. I listen to my clients needs and find them the best value, and experience, for their money.

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